Senior Pictures - El Matador Beach

Our day at the beach started a little late and it just happened to be one of brightest and warmest day of the year, so the light was a bit harsh and we tried to make the best of it. It was my first time doing a “High School Senior” photo session and I had a lot of fun trying to get the perfect shot with Faith who was such a pleasure to work with. She couldn’t wait to be out of High School and she was enthusiastic during the entire shoot and was never afraid of the oncoming waves that managed to get both of us wet. It was only a matter or minutes before we were dry again though, and we managed to get a lot of fun images. We wish her the best on her journey after she graduates high school.


Family Photos in Malibu


It was a few weeks after the infamous Woosley fire that burned a vast area of Malibu, but what remained of the fire was a grim reminder of the destructive power of mother nature. We walked around El Matador beach during high tide, which made for a fun and adventurous photoshoot around the picturesque beach. It was insanely warm for a winter day so we headed in the hills and finished our day at Malibu Café. It’s a quintessential L.A spot with overprices drinks, under-appreciated housewives, and a lot of fun backyard games.

We captured a lot of adorable family photos and we shared memories that will last a lifetime


La Rochelle and its surroundings, France - 2018

I stayed for a week in La Rochelle and we did all the tourist things, from visiting the infamous Fort Boyard, home of the TV show that I used to watch as a kid religiously every week, to eating Oysters for breakfast at the market, we did it all while having a superb weather for the most part.

The center of the town is an old fortress that was used to protect the city from invasions and the remains are all breathtaking. However, the city also has a modern appeal, with one of the biggest aquariums in Europe, and some inviting bars and outdoors venues where the younger crowd gathers for various events.

The streets were covered with art installations that brought the city to life and the lush parks around the city were full of wildlife and if you feel lucky, there’s a small casino with a beautiful view of the Harbor.

The two islands nearby (l'île de Ré and Ile d’Oléron) were both stunning and the people we met along the way were all incredibly friendly. The beaches were pristine and the air was invigorating. The colorful towns were scattered between vineyards and “marais salants” and the roads were mainly used by cyclists who never seemed to be in a hurry.

Oyster shells adorned a small bridge in the town of Le Chateau d’Oléron that were used instead of locks to immortalize the many couples who walked on it. Their names forever displayed for the world to see, until the next big storm blows them away in the distance, a stark reminder of how fast love can vanish.

And always take the café gourmand, you will never regret it

La Rochelle
Fort Boyard
The market
Ile d'Oléron
Saint Martin

Les ânes en culotte de l'île de Ré

On our visit to l'île de Ré, a picturesque island near La Rochelle, we encountered these beautiful creatures along the road. They are a landmark of the island and are surprisingly friendly. Every souvenir on the island includes some kind of picture or illustration of these famous donkeys and I had fun capturing their incredible beauty


A few days in Lisbon

During my visit in Lisbon I had the chance to explore this colorful mix of ancient and modern architecture and stroll through the streets of this enchanting place. Everywhere you turn, local treats are inviting you to indulge and you won’t regret trying the Pastels de nata or the intoxicating Ginjinha (the local cherry liquor) and savor all the variations of dishes made with codfish (bacalhau).

Taking the old trams to get to your next destination is a must-do while in Lisbon, and we witnessed people dancing in the streets while drinking Sangria during a sunset and drank cheap beer surrounded by locals who seemed to enjoy the city as much as we did.

It was a trip to remember and I wish I had captured more of this beautiful place, but I did manage to take a few shots.


Gabriel in Lisbon - 2018

Spending time with the family after having to rest on my couch for months because of a foot injury was a blessing. I had the opportunity to spend time with my adorable nephew who made every moment a special memory.


Culver City, Gabriel and Bogosse

I was lucky enough to spend a month with my nephew who came to visit with the rest of the family for Christmas. We had a lot of fun riding scooters on the boardwalk, climbing high towers at the playgrounds and sharing a lot of meals in the sun. He may have learned a few bad words along the way but we shared a lot of great moments together, and he taught me that there is always a good opportunity to watch Moana again. One of our daily routines was to walk the dogs around the neighborhood so we decided to take the pictures there. Both Bogosse and Gabriel were adorable and it was another great bonding experience for all of us.



Welcome to the new and improved BeusPhotography Website. 

Going through the years of pictures on my numerous hard drives to present you this new website was a long and strenuous process but it brought back a lot of amazing memories.

The amazing trips around the world in the search of the perfect shot, the festive events I was invited to capture, the beautiful families posing for a priceless family portrait, the couples in love who trusted me to shoot their weddings, and all the people I met along the way are all reasons why I love photography so much

Along the way I also learned to appreciate underwater photography a lot more. It brings out new challenges and requires a lot of patience but I have enjoyed it tremendously and I hope to add much more underwater work in the future.

I hope you enjoy this new website and I invite you to share the link with anyone who is looking for a photographer