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"Behind the Mask", A series of portraits of beautiful fencers in various concepts ranging from quirky to seductive. Preview the pages on Blurb by clicking on the picture.

"That's How We Roll" Reviews:

Every comptetent joint roller has his or her preferred (and well-practiced) technique for creating the perfect spliff. Some meticulously prepare cylindical cones with pre-built filters, while others may use a rolling machine or dollar bill tot ighten their doob or blunt. God, as they say, is in the detail, and now photographer Sebastien Roche-Lochen has captured the magic in his new book, That's how We Roll! This highly useful volume, which features intimate portraits of 20 different cannabis lovers grinding their herb, building their joints and burning the results, pays homage not only to a wide avariety of tokers, but also the methods they employ to get high. Comedian Doug Benson makes an appearance, as does adult-film actress Penny Flame (who definitely seems to like her blunts big!).

- Danny Danko, Senior Editor of "High Times"

"That's How We Roll is a journal of photography by Sebastien Roche-Lochen searching for the meaning behind the method of rolling the perfect joint. It's a perfect match for every stoner's coffee table or bookshelf. Lochen's images turn the spotlight on an interesting aspect of cannabis culture, magnifying and analyzing it. Lochen also makes it clear he does not support prohibition. Looking at these collected portraits you alternate between being aware of each person being unique and being aware of how their task unifies them. It's just a bunch of people getting their joints ready. Even comedian Doug Benson and porn actress Penny Flame blend into the mix"

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